Virtual production.
Made accessible.

Canada's Virtual Production Innovators

Immersion Room is a virtual production studio in Toronto, Canada. Our mission is to use our deep understanding and control of the technology to make VP tools/services accessible to a breadth of people. That means building products and providing services that remove barriers to artistic vision at a cost that smaller productions can afford.

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What is Virtual Production?

Virtual production takes you anywhere you can imagine. LED stages display photo-real locations rendered in real-time for the perspective of the camera, so your footage looks as though it was shot on location.

Expensive unit moves are history when environments can be materialised in a flash. Accomplish more with less and unleash your creativity by making golden hour last all day, all from the safety and convenience of a studio.

Our Services

Virtual production can seem both exciting and scary. We guide filmmakers like you through the transition to virtual production to bring their vision to life.

Use custom 3D assets or browse an extensive library for environments to suit your needs. Bring your plates to shoot in existing environments or for pick-ups long after principal photography.

Our staff will be on set with you to make sure you have the best possible experience with this new technology.

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Our Studio

Our studio has everything you need to get your production wrapped, with a 4,500 sqft dedicated VP studio, a drive-in door, and ample support space.

Conveniently located in Toronto near the DVP and Eglinton Crosstown, our neighbourhood has anything you might have forgotten on the day.

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Our Tech

We are innovators and filmmakers at heart. We are a R&D company working to advance the state of the art and bring you, our clients, with us.

Using our bleeding edge technology, our studio allows you to do more than ever with virtual production. Bring your imagination and we’ll bring it to life.

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