Virtual Production Tech

Our R&D team is passionate about pushing the limits of what VP technology can do for you. We have built our LED stage from the ground up and our bespoke video processors give us fine control over the nitty gritty.

We have used our level of technological control to solve common VP challenges so you can focus on storytelling. Contact us to learn more!

Camera Flexibility

Whether you are bringing a mid- or high-end camera, our stage will work for you. No need to worry about genlock or rolling shutters; our studio operators will synchronize our wall to your camera without any physical connections.

We support most cameras, including DSLRs for photography and video… people have even shot on their phones!

Off-speed & Handheld

Framerates and refresh rates won't stand in the way of your creative choices in our studio. We tune the very fine timing controls of the LED wall to your photographic needs, to give you those slow-mo moments.

Tight integration end-to-end allows us to improve camera tracking speeds so you can shoot handheld without restrictive lag.

Unleash your DP without fear!

Footage Reprojection

Your environments don't have to be 3D! Shoot wide-angle or 360 plates of the real world and use them here. We can help you take your story wherever you want it to be.

Our innovative lens-profile-based footage reprojection lets the geometry of the volume melt away and shoot as though you are back on location.